Welcome to the Theatre Character game!

There are 41 characters (or groups of characters) from London’s biggest shows hidden amongst iconic sights and scenes in our interactive illustration. For every character you find, you’ll be one step closer to proving what a true theatre fan you are!


On the left-hand side of your screen you’ll see a list of every character (or group of characters) hidden within the mural. When you spot one of them, click on them!

You can zoom in and out of the mural by scrolling on your mouse (on computer) or pinching (on mobile). To move around the mural, click and drag your mouse, use your arrow keys (on computer), or swipe (on mobile).

When you’ve found as many characters as you can, hit the submit button to find out your score.

This specially created piece of artwork was commissioned as a mural to sit across the north-facing wall of the TKTS Booth in the centre of Leicester Square. The mural was in place between June and September 2019.

Created by Rob Cowan, the artwork uses his signature style to capture London’s Theatreland, by using analogue and digital lines to create a fascinatingly busy and intriguing illustration. You can see more of Rob’s work on his website.

Play the Theatre Character game